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Farm Bureau Bank News EMV Chip Card
What it is and how it works

August, 2017

"Do I swipe or insert my card?"- said every chip card holder ever. Chip cards may be causing longer waits at the checkout line, but they're protecting you and your money.

  • What is the chip?

    The chip that has been placed in your card makes it more difficult to duplicate your information. Think about how many times you swipe your card per day, in a week, a month, or a year. It's an extremely convenient way to pay- and before the chip, it was an extremely convenient way for fraudsters to collect your card information and receive access to your funds.

  • How does the chip work?

    The chip in your card generates a unique code to verify each transaction. With this process, it is extremely unlikely for a counterfeit card to work at a chip-activated terminal. Some debit and credit cards with chip technology may also require a PIN number be inputted for purchases as an added layer of security, like our Farm Bureau Member Rewards MasterCard®.

  • Things to keep in mind.

    Enhanced security is the largest benefit with a chip card. While you're making everyday purchases, chip technology is keeping your money safe when used at chip-activated terminals. However, while many retailers are set-up to accept chip cards, some are not. Although your card has a chip installed in it, the technology is not utilized when the card is swiped or used to make an online purchase. You can still use those forms of payment, but it is recommended you set up alerts on your card and account to review all transactions.

Chip technology is relatively new, so next time you're waiting in line, remember it's a much smaller price to pay than fraud.

For more information on your Farm Bureau Member Rewards MasterCard®, call us at 866-644-2535, or visit


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