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Farm Bureau Bank News Saving Money During the Holidays

October, 2017

Seeing Thanksgiving decorations in October or hearing Christmas music a month too soon can be a little nerve-wracking- mostly because these holidays typically involve spending more money than you wanted to. We know the holiday season can get hectic so we've listed some tips that may help you save some money this year.

  • Know How Much You Can Spend Before Making a List

    So many people forget to include costs of decorations, wrapping paper, bows, and other small things that add up. This may seem backwards, but if you decide how much you can spend first, it helps you put a price cap on gifts and other expenses.

  • Make Your List According to Your Budget

    Now that you know how much you can spend, make your list of who you are going to buy for. This will help you specify amounts you can spend per gift per person. Make sure you shop with your set price per person in mind rather than looking for a specific gift that may be more than your limit.

  • Use Cash

    Using cash may seem outdated these days, but it's a great option to stay on budget. Take only the amount of cash you plan on spending on gifts for the day, and once the cash is gone, you're done!

  • Use Credit Cards Wisely

    Holidays are a great time to rack up reward points on your credit card; just make sure you're using the card with the lowest interest rate. Don't get stuck spending more on gifts because of interest charges. Another option is using individual store credit cards. Many stores offer extra percentages off purchases by using their credit card, and let you make an immediate payment on the card. Take advantage of the savings and make your payment to stay debt free!

  • Keep Track of Your Spending

    It is easy to get caught up and spend more than you planned to. At the end of your shopping day, see how much you spent according to your budget and make adjustments as necessary. If you spent more on gifts, maybe you don't need new bows this year, or maybe you can scale back on decorations. Just be willing to move your money around during the season.

Above all, have fun this holiday season and don't forget- while you'll be out shopping, we will be making sure your accounts are kept secure every time you use your Farm Bureau Member Rewards Mastercard® or FBB Checking Account. End the year with a bang without any holiday debt- and who knows, you may be the one playing Christmas music early next year!


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