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December, 2017

December is hectic. You’re shopping, returning items, and traveling all before you bring in the new year. What’s worse? As your juggling everything, fraudsters are preparing their scams for tax season just around the corner. Be sure to keep a lookout for these scams when you begin preparing your tax documents.

  • Phishing:

    You may receive fake emails with links to websites trying to steal your personal information. Be attentive and do not click on any links claiming to be from the IRS. Remember, you will never be contacted via email by the IRS about bills or refunds.

  • Identity Theft:

    If you are expecting tax documents to be mailed, be sure to know when they arrive and keep them secure to avoid a scammer submitting a fraudulent return under your name.

  • Phone Scams:

    Some scammers will call you claiming to be with the IRS. Often, they will try to threaten you with police arrest or other tactics to scare you into providing personal information. If you receive any calls like this, it is best to hang-up immediately.

  • Tax Return Preparer Fraud:

    Although the majority of tax professionals provide honest services, some are in the business to commit fraud and identity theft with your personal information. Before you choose a preparer, be sure to research the company and individual for any red flags that may pop up.

These are just a few of the scams that circulate around tax return season, and as scammers get more creative every year, it’s important to always guard your information. If you choose to use an online service, only do so when you’re connected to your own internet or Wi-Fi, never on a public connection, and be sure to have a current anti-virus software. Remember, you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud.

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